Pink Nade earrings are a real labour of love. From start to finish, each step in the process is completed by myself and my amazing team of women, pouring our hearts and souls into each and every pair.

Each design starts with pen to paper. I sketch out hundreds of shapes and pattern until I am completely happy with each piece. I trust my gut during my design process, if it doesn’t ‘feel right’ I’ll keep sketching until I ‘know’ its spot on.

I think bring these sketches into Adobe Illustrator and vector my shapes and patterns. I clean up the lines a bit but still leave them quite organic and not 100% symmetrical as I love the way the shapes still give off a hand drawn shape ‘feel’.

I add the patterns to pieces that need patterns, move each piece until is feels right, I then get the file in the correct formats so that my laser cutter can read the files. Once its ready to cut I save the file, bring it over to our laser cutter and cut a test piece. This is the most exciting part of the process for me, to see it come to life right in front of my eyes.

Once they are cut, and any tweaking needed has been done I will then decide on the colours to use. If I am honest, I find this a little tricky. I am limited to the colour acrylics I can source, and sometimes colours I think will go together, don’t purely because I don’t have the right shade of the colour etc. BUT, I always make it work and could literally nearly EAT all of the colours we use, they are just so scrumptious. I am OBSESSED with each and every colour/pattern we use and put together.

Once everything is complete in the design process they go into production. I will cut all the pieces needed on the laser cutter, Deanne will paint any pattern pieces and piece together the earrings, Brittnee will glue the posts and then we wait. Once the glue has set, Deanne cards up the earrings, Brittnee photographs them and pops them online!

I love that our earrings are made in Australia, that I can support other people by providing job opportunities and a fun, flexible work environment. I also love the freedom to design and create as I can do it in real time and get that instant satisfaction when it comes straight off the cutter and onto my lobes.

When you purchase from Pink Nade, please know you are supporting a dream, a dream to not only create fun and unique statement dangles, but also a dream to be surrounded by kick ass people each day, making and creating, and supporting our Pink Nade gang HARD!